About Us

Netane Polynesian Productions, Inc. is a multidimensional entertainment enterprise engaged in every aspect of the production of Polynesian and Asian-American entertainment. We offer the best show in the industry, filled with the color, music, dance, excitement and romance of the South Pacific.

All of our entertainers are talented, experienced performers, exhaustively trained in the music and dance of the Polynesian cultures. Our audiences enjoy first-rate singers, authentic dancers and beautiful costumes combined with excellent musicians, lighting effects and superior sound. Fire dances and audience participation are special highlights of a varied, fast moving show.

Netane Polynesian Productions is a flexible company, able to adjust and send our entertainment product quickly throughout the country or around the globe. We specialize in theme parks, showrooms and hotels, and are able to meet any performance capacity.

Founders of Netane Polynesian Productions, Inc.

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